B. Ahmed Rahi

Veteran bassist, lyricist, composer B. Ahmed Rahi began his musical journey while in school, writing songs for his school band Undecided. He wrote and composed most songs of the band and took up bass as his instrument.

Then Dreek happened in 2003. Four years with the band, and in 2007 Rahi and Dreek went on to become the finalist of Bangladesh’s most talked about band hunt of all time, DRockstars, the reality talent show where he drew major attention as a bassist from many prominent musicians of the country.

Rahi has also played as guest bassists for many celebrated musicians, bands and studio-albums including a much praiseworthy instrumental album, Operation Angry Machine (2016) by virtuoso guitarist/composer Sazzad Arefeen.

Rahi is the principal songwriter for Dreek and wrote all the songs in Dreek’s self-titled debut album (2015). Till now Rahi has penned hundreds of songs, composed as many and has numerous live shows under his belt.

His Bass gears include:

  • Schecter (Diamond Series, Custom 4)
  • Warwick (Rockbass)
  • MXR DI+

Rahi is the Bassist of Ground Force.


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