Rifat Rahman

Rifat Rahman is a Guitarist / Singer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Actively doing music since 2011, Rifat Rahman started playing Guitar at the age of 17!

Rifat Rahman was the guest lead-guitar player cum backing vocalist for the country’s iconic progressive metal band Artcell (2017-2019) with whom he rocked the stages nationwide many a times during his reign.

His other previous musical ventures/adventures include: Utshorgo (2011-2018), as Lead Guitars/Backing Vocals; Byakoron, as Lead Vocal/Guitars/Songwriter. Currently he is working on his Debut Instrumental Album.

His major musical influences come from: AB n LRB, James n Nagar Baul, Ark, Warfaze, Miles, Artcell, Sazzad Arefeen, Sonnet etc. nationally and Metallica, Megadeth, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Queen, Pink Floyd, Yngwei Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, W.A. Mozart etc. globally.

Rifat’s gears used in Ground Force:
– Musicman Sterling MAJ100
– Schecter Demien 6FR
– Dunlop Pick (0.94 mm)
– GHS Electric Strings (.009-.042 gauge)
– Tanglewood Acoustic Guitar
– Elixir Acoustic Strings (.012-.053 Gauge)
– Boss GT100 Effects Processor
– Focusrite Scarlett Audio Interface
– M-Audio Sound Monitor
– Audio Technica Condenser Microphone
– Scarlett Condenser Microphone, etc.

Rifat plays Lead Guitar in Ground Force.

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