Syed Ziaur Rahman Turjo, aka Tj, is the iconic drummer of the iconic rock band Miles from Bangladesh. A prolific musician and a true youth icon, Tj has been a member of Miles since 1996 and has since recorded five studio-albums with Miles and has  toured, performed with Miles in countless live gigs home and abroad. Having said all these, Tj’s journey with drums go back a long way!

The very first time Tj took the drum sticks in hand was in 1979, a young school kid he played Marching Snare drum for 2yrs in “School Parade Band”.

In 1983 Tj started playing Tabla and started realizing that he could play Tabla with any traditional song. This growing feeling led him to playing along recorded songs more and more. For the next 7yrs, he developed himself by playing various genre songs on tabla.

In 1989 in Montreal, Canada Tj started playing drums! His 1st band was in Montreal named “The Wasted Angels” who used to play pure hard rock songs like G’nR, Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Dokken, Cinderella, Motley Crew etc.

Moving back to Bangladesh in 1992, his first band ‘Vains’ was formed in Narayanganj. They used to play a lot of heavy stuffs back then. Then Tj joined in “Jolly Rogers” in 1994 which was a purely heavy metal band and it was one of the 1st generation heavy sounding bands of the local underground scene. They often covered live popular tracks from Metallica, Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne, Faith No More, Yngwie Malmsteen, Black Sabbath etc!

He was invited to play with Miles in 1996. 24 years on, and Tj is still rocking hard with Miles. He has inspired a generation of aspiring drummers both home and abroad!

He was one of the Think Tanks behind the first ever Drum Day, that took place in 2018. It was a major success and that paved the way for him to initiate a unique, social-media based live talk titled ‘DrummerHood at Home, since mid 2020. This has been the one of a kind, and the very first show entirely dedicated to the drummers of Bangladesh. Within a very short span of time, this trendsetter show has already become quite popular among the local band musicians, and band music enthusiasts alike!

Turjo is the Drummer of Ground Force.

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