Ehsan Rahman Zia

Ehsan Rahman Zia hails from Old Dhaka and he formed his first band Srishty,  a trio rock band with two school-mates from St. Gregory’s back in late 1992. Zia was the frontman of Srishty -The lead singer, lead guitarist, principal composer and lyricist. Srishty’s debut song ‘Adhar’ garnered accolades as it got published in Chharpatra, the first underground band-mixed album of Bangladesh in 2000.

An avid rock music enthusiast, Zia has travelled through multiple genre and roles since then. In 2002 he joined Metal Maze, an award-winning and much promising underground rock band back then. For Metal Maze, Zia played lead guitars, wrote and composed songs, sang a few too in the debut album ‘Ojana Oddhay (G-Series, 2003). In 2003 Zia toured with the monumental rock band Warfaze as a guest lead-guitarist cum backing vocalist.

Zia has an immense thirst for new sounds. And this hunch drove him to start working on his studio-based one-man-army experimental theatrical rock project ‘The Scarlet Night’ in 2005. ‘Metamorphosis – A Threnody to Humanity’ was the first soundscape from this series that got radio released in 2009. A few other songs from that project got released much later on streaming platform GAAN.

In 2011, Zia co-founded Tahsan & The Sufis, an experimental sufi rock band. He was the lead-guitar player, co-composer, co-lyricist and backing vocalist.

Gradually Zia shifted to singing more and playing guitar less. As a rock singer, he believes in getting inspiration from literally all walks of music irrespective of genre that soothe his soul and feed his mind alike.

Zia is the front man with the mic at Team Ground Force. He also writes and composes for Ground Force.


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